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Our Design Process

Our Process

Initial Consultation & Contract

The design process for your home begins with an on-site meeting to discuss your landscaping, hardscaping, and architectural objectives. As we discuss your ideas and become familiar with your property, we will synergize your intended improvements with our professional expertise to evolve the initial concepts into the complete realization of a design for your property.

The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to determine, specifically, what you wish to accomplish. During this first meeting we will review HighGrove’s completed projects which will allow us to further our understanding of your objectives, aesthetic taste, and your budgeting outlook.

At this meeting, we will outline the sequence of tasks likely to be involved in bringing your project from concept to completion as well as assessing expectations and timelines. This initial consultation is of no cost to you. After this initial meeting, if you wish to proceed further we will provide a written agreement defining the terms of our design arrangement.

Site Inventory & Analysis

The next step in the process is to develop a detailed analysis of the existing conditions of your property; this will become the foundation of the formal design work. We will spend the necessary time to catalog and evaluate the existing landscape, hardscaping and architectural features, providing us with an understanding of design considerations such as aspect, drainage patterns, screening needs, topographical/slope, existing vegetation and views. We will photograph and document the site and measure appropriate elements to assist in the design development.

If an existing survey is already available for the site, we may request it at this phase of the design process. Depending on the site considerations, need/presence of a current survey, or township regulations, we may conduct a formal site survey and/or tree survey.

Our Process
Our Process

Concept Development

Studying the information gathered from the Initial Meeting and Site Inventory and Analysis, we then begin to synergize the site opportunities and restraints with the design concepts and goals explored in the Initial Consultation. Using our professional expertise and experience, we will bring your project goals into a concrete realization for the conditions of your site.

We will produce a colored site rendering of the Concept Design drawn to scale, photographs and any other necessary materials to help you envision your project and meet with you to discuss the initial design.

Final Design

Once we have reviewed the design concept together we will make any necessary revisions to develop the concept plan into the final design for the work to be done at your property. At this time we will also prepare a detailed contract proposal outlining the specific work to be done at your property and the costs. Also, at this time we will present to you another rendered plan of your property and any supplementary illustrations and/or drawings that are required.

The final plan and contract will include the specifications for all the components of the project including, but not limited to: Grading, planting, plant list, lighting, construction details, architectural components and hardscaping. A proposed work schedule must then be agreed upon, and upon acceptance of the contract proposal and the final plan, we will then begin the implementation of the final design.

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